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Frequent Questions

How can I enroll my neighbor/relative who has no one abroad?

You can WhatsApp us at +1 3199363574 or Register them on our website. We’ll take care of the rest.

I do not want my loved one to pay for the additional cost of ancillary services; can I transfer to your account directly?

Yes, you can go to registration page and deposit additional $50 or $100 to cover the costs of equipment and additional services. Alternatively, you can WhatsApp us at +1 3199363574 and we can share other transfer options via Paypal or US or Pakistan business accounts.

My loved one has all the medical help she needs, but she doesn’t take her medicines regularly. How can you make sure she's more compliant with her treatment?

We pride ourselves in building strong connections and relationships with our clients and patients. We offer a free pillbox to our loved ones on our very first visit. Thereafter, we call them regularly and remind them to take care of their health. Since we are up to date with their labs and vitals, we re-enforce the need for compliance with doctor’s treatments & repercussions of poor healthcare. Our initial data shows a 70% improvement in parents’ behavior towards their health after working with Human-Healthcare.com

I am satisfied with my current medicines, will you be changing all of them?

Not at all, our healthcare is personalized, values your opinion. This is what sets us apart. We only recommend those medication changes that are extremely necessary, if your current medications are damaging your organs or our changes will improve your current health status. You are informed of these changes and educated on the need. We never force anything. At Human, your health and your wishes are most important to us.

My loved ones in Pakistan are fairly healthy, I just need to optimize one health problem. Why should I pay for this service for the whole year?

Since we keep checking your health regularly and are up to date on your health changes, we prevent the impact of most diseases before they take place. For example, uncontrolled blood pressure can cause heart attack, stroke, transient ischemic attacks and vision problems. We pride ourselves over optimizing your primary health problems throughout the year, so that your chances of developing secondary health problems are minimized.

How will I remember when to stop my medicine or change it?

Our team at Human regularly reminds you to take your medications, change their dose or stop them based on your request.

How frequently would your team be contacting me?

We have various touch-points and visits throughout the year. The frequency of visits is decided mutually. We offer you multiple options and mutually decide on the one suitable to you.

I have a sibling in another part of the world who'd like to know about my parents health, can your team update them too?

Yes, of course. At the start of our service, we make a note of all members of family who would like to have an update, we make sure to keep them in the loop regularly and personally answer each & every query.

Are you an insurance service?

No. We are a primary care service that provides VIP medical care to your parents in Pakistan. Imaging, investigations, and medication costs are not be covered by this service. 

Do you provide emergency services?

No. We pride ourselves on being world-class in preventing emergencies, but if they occur we advise you to call an ambulance service or go to the nearest ER. As we grow, we do plan to have a dedicated emergency care service for our parents.

Do you offer transport?

We do help coordinate appointments and facilitate your visit to a local imaging center or other facilities. We do not have dedicated Human-Healthcare vehicles for your parents, but we can arrange transport at an extra cost if needed.

What is the cost?

It is 39$USD per month, which can be paid annually as a one time 450$USD/year or paid monthly at 39$USD per month. For our first 100 customers, we are charging 25$ USD per month. 

​ What should I be aware of before enrolling?

The following ARE NOT covered in this subscription. However, with an additional surcharge, our team MAY be able to connect you with third-party national services: These services are not guaranteed. (Cost of individual medications, lab tests, imaging, or external appointments will not be covered under this subscription) – Lab, testing, or imaging if recommended for routine or urgent care, will be at an additional charge. – Pick and drop services to and from specialist appointments, dialysis centers, and testing sites. – Similar, home nursing care, home physiotherapy or other care needs, arranging oxygen supply for patients with respiratory issues, home cleaning service for older parents through third-party vetted services.

There are primary care doctors that my parents can attend locally as needed. Why should I pay monthly dollar payments to you?

Great question. If the current care arrangements you have for your parents are working well, then we are delighted for you. Our primary care model is VIP and world-class. We come to your parent’s home. With an incredibly friendly team of doctor-nurse-care coordinator team dedicated to a very small number of parents, your parent’s medical care will be unmatched when you enroll. We have a modern medical record system, we use hi-tech gadgets that are not used by anyone else in Pakistan. Your parent’s lung sounds, heart sounds, throat, and eye information, and more, are saved in a secure system. Every few months, we compare your parent’s vitals and other information including pictures to the baseline, making sure, their physical and mental health are in good shape.

We also have US, UK, and Canada-based specialists who supervise your parent’s care. Let’s suppose your mother has diabetes which has been hard to control. Our diabetes specialist in the US would review records, speak with the local team and make sure we optimize your mother’s diabetes-related care based on US, UK guidelines in the coming weeks, after enrollment. Similarly, if they have arthritis, heart condition or early Parkinson’s Disease, or dementia. Our US-based rheumatologist, cardiologist, or neurologist will then be part of their care plan. And there are so many other ways, we add value to your parent’s overall health, that you will be delighted that something like this exists in Pakistan. You can cancel your service anytime if you don’t like the experience.

Are there doctors from the US or UK who will care for my parents?

Our expert advisors are consultants practicing in the US and Canada. They review your parent’s medical information and work collaboratively with our local doc-nurse team to create a personalized, evidence-based, treatment plan for your parents.

What do you offer then?

1. Personalized in-home, comprehensive primary health visit.

2. Annual Health Screening Labs included in the Subscription

3. Non-emergency care via hybrid-healthcare model.

4. Regular updates to subscribers about their parent’s health.

5. Coordination of labs, tests, and appointments.

6. Free Pick and Drop of medicines from the pharmacy.

7. Frequent touchpoints by dedicated care coordinators.

8. In-home phlebotomy service

9. Frequent Personalized Primary-Care Appointments.

10. In case of hospital admissions, the health coordinator can attend to the patient as needed (on behalf of family members, at an extra hourly cost).

Who started it and how can I trust the Human team?

This startup has been launched by physicians who are living abroad and whose parents are in Pakistan. So they created this model for their own parents and immediate family members. The first 10 parents enrolled were their own parents. (Check our story section to learn more) There is an operation lead physician who returned back to Pakistan to be close to their parents. The local doctor-nurse-care coordinator team is qualified, trained, well-paid and exceptional. We also have background check mechanisms in place. Please check our early customer feedback page to hear what others like you are experiencing after enrolling in our program.

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