American consultation in Karachi

Health Revolution in Karachi: American Consultants Offer Second Opinion and Advisory Service for Your Parents and Loved Ones!

In Pakistan, particularly in bustling cities like Karachi, the healthcare landscape for the elderly is fraught with challenges. With only about 25% of practicing doctors (probably even less) being post-graduate trained consultants, the medical care available often falls short of what is required for nuanced and complex health needs.

These Pakistani consultants are in such high demand that they’re often compelled to rush through consultations. Imagine the strain of having to see hundreds of patients each day while maintaining quality and thoroughness— it’s nearly impossible.

This rushing leads to superficial consultations where critical signs may be overlooked, and the individuality of each patient’s health status is not fully considered. The repercussions for your loved ones, especially aging parents, can be significant, as these brief interactions might miss underlying conditions or lead to inadequate management of chronic diseases.

Here’s where steps in. By offering home visits, we bring healthcare right to your loved one’s doorstep, ensuring that they receive the thorough and attentive care they deserve. Our service doesn’t just stop at collecting data.

Once we gather all necessary health information, it’s uploaded securely and reviewed by specialists in the US, Canada, and the UK. This international oversight and advisory system, brings a level of scrutiny and expertise that is rare in local contexts.

Moreover, the overwhelming majority of local practices lack a centralized system for medical records (EMR), which leads to disjointed care coordination. Our approach not only includes comprehensive data gathering but also integrates these details into a secure EMR, allowing for consistent and informed decision-making by all healthcare providers involved.

There are a few affording families in Pakistan who actually make a trip abroad to find trustable answers to their loved ones medical and health concerns. Considering the high costs and logistical challenges of traveling abroad for a medical second opinion, which can soar from $4,000-5,000 USD and beyond, many families face daunting obstacles.

However, with 67% of second opinions leading to changes in diagnosis or treatment plans, it’s crucial not to overlook this option. offers a solution by providing expert online advisory from UK and US-based physicians for just $49.

This allows you to obtain state-of-the-art, evidence-based medical advice from the comfort of your home, without the excessive costs typically associated with specialist e-consults, which can range from $1,500 to $2,500 per session.

For just $49, not only is your family’s health data collected and reviewed, but you also receive expert American & British Consultants advice right at your doorstep. This service extends beyond the traditional fee-for-service model; it’s a, value-based care approach that takes complete ownership of your loved one’s health.

Soon to expand beyond Karachi, is setting new standards in patient care and safety, ensuring that distance no longer compromises quality in healthcare. Contact and be a part of this healthcare revolution in Pakistan.